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SHIFT HAPPENS: A 6-Month Transformative Journey to Align Our Lives with God's Will

Updated: May 26

Hey there! Well, what is the "SHIFT HAPPENS" program? It is a six-month adventure to align our lives with God's will and embrace His promise of abundant living. Inspired by Psalms 118:17, "I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done," this journey will guide us through surrender, healing, growth, and transformation, helping us fully live out God's promises. Keep reading to find out what each month of the program entails.

Month 1: Surrendering to God's Will and Healing from Past Trauma

In our first month, we will dive into surrendering our plans and trusting in God's wisdom. Letting go of control isn't easy, but it's essential for opening ourselves to His healing grace. Healing from past traumas is a journey—not an overnight fix. It means facing our pain, seeking God's comfort, and allowing His life-giving power to restore us. As we surrender, we'll start to experience the peace and healing that only God can provide.

Month 2: Inviting the Holy Spirit and Personal Growth

Month two will be all about welcoming the Holy Spirit into our lives. The Holy Spirit's guidance is crucial for spiritual growth, helping us navigate life's challenges and grow in faith. By seeking the Holy Spirit's direction, we'll align ourselves with the path God has for us. This month emphasizes personal growth through spiritual practices, prayer, and reflection, deepening our relationship with God and understanding His will.

Month 3: Nurturing an Intimate Relationship with God and Building Self-Esteem

In month three, we'll focus on nurturing a close relationship with God. Through consistent prayer, meditation on His Word, and worship, we'll draw closer to Him. Experiencing God's presence deeply impacts our self-esteem. When we embrace His unconditional love for us, our self-worth is no longer tied to external factors but grounded in His eternal love. This confidence in God's love empowers us to live boldly and authentically.

Month 4: Deepening Faith in God and Enhancing Decision-Making Skills

Month four is all about deepening our faith in God's character and trusting His promises. A strong faith foundation helps us make decisions that align with His will and providence. By relying on God's wisdom and guidance, we can navigate life's complexities with confidence, knowing He is directing our steps. This month highlights the importance of discernment and seeking God's counsel in all our choices.

Month 5: Being Transformed through God and Fostering Self-Reliance

In month five, we focus on transformation. Allowing God to work within us leads to profound changes, making us more like Christ. This transformation empowers us to rely on God in every aspect of our lives. As we are transformed, we become better equipped to handle life's challenges, fostering a sense of self-reliance rooted in our dependence on God. This month emphasizes being open to God's transformative work and embracing the changes He brings.

Month 6: Celebrating Your Spiritual Growth, Holistic Healing, and Community Support

The final month is a time for celebration and reflection. As we look back on our journey, we recognize and proclaim what the Lord has done in our lives. Sharing our testimonies glorifies God and encourages others in their faith journeys. This month emphasizes holistic healing, wellness, self-care, and empowerment, recognizing that God's work in us encompasses every dimension of our being. We also focus on building a Christ-centered community, offering and receiving support as we continue to grow.

The "SHIFT HAPPENS" program is a journey of surrendering to God, seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance, nurturing a deep relationship with God, deepening our faith, and allowing God to transform us. Through this transformation, we can live abundantly and proclaim the work of the Lord in our lives. Overcoming trauma and experiencing spiritual healing is challenging, but with God's grace and guidance, it is possible. Together, we can embrace this journey and witness the incredible changes God brings into our lives.

When enrollment opens, please Join us on this transformative journey and watch as "SHIFT HAPPENS" in your life, leading you to a deeper, more abundant relationship with God. 🌟🙏

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