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Meet Jennipha Ricks, CEO of Jae Elle Consulting, LLC (Canvas Rebel Article)

Jae Elle Consulting, LLC is dedicated to the vision of “Educate, Lead, Empower,” with a mission to guide women from spiritual bondage to liberation. This reflects our commitment to nurturing growth and resilience, particularly among women of color, drawing from our deep understanding of the challenges they face. This vision speaks to the core of what it means to be a guide and a beacon of hope. Education is the key to unlocking potential, leading involves setting an example and paving the way for others, and empowering is about giving others the tools and confidence to stand strong. It acknowledges the unique challenges faced by women of color and the vital importance of education and leadership in overcoming these obstacles.

My role as a mother and friend adds another layer of depth to this vision. It’s not just about guiding others, but also nurturing them, much like a family. In this way, my vision extends beyond the individual, aiming to uplift entire communities through knowledge, guidance, and support. My mission is a testament to the transformative power of spiritual freedom and resilience. It’s about breaking the chains that hold women back, be they societal, personal, or spiritual. My mission is not just to help women adapt to changes but to embrace and lead them confidently. This reflects my own journey towards healing and freedom, making my mission deeply personal and heartfelt.

The vision and mission of JEC are about creating a legacy of strength, education, and empowerment, particularly for women of color. It’s a journey that honors my identity as a black woman, mother, sister, and friend, and it’s a path that seeks to light the way for others to find their own strength and freedom.

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