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But why Jae Elle Consulting?

Going into 2020, not expecting to be caught up in a pandemic with the rest of the world, I had adopted the word “intentional” as my word to keep me going throughout the year. The interesting thing about me choosing that word was that I was going to be more intentional about the choices that I made moving forward in my life. However, when the pandemic hit, holding onto that word became more of a need than a goal that I had set for myself. Because I was forced to sit still and to dig deep into the path that God has set for my life, I had to be “intentional” about so many things that I probably would not have been intentional with even though I adopted that word for the year.

I was forced to be intentional with my time, with the people I connected with, having meaningful conversations, in my work, with my fitness, with my daily devotion, etc. Every area of my life was placed under a personal microscope and I was forced to look at areas in my life that were still painful to address and to really come to terms with events that still controlled parts of my mental and emotional space. It was through being intentional about these areas of my life that I was able to find healing, to find joy, and to find peace in the midst of a pandemic. Falling in love with myself all over again and coming to terms with the power that I hold as an intelligent, beautiful, black woman was necessary. It is through that process that I pushed forward with creating and launching Jae Elle Consulting, LLC.

The entire idea of Jae Elle Consulting, LLC was birthed out of my pain, nurtured by my passions, and is still being grown by my purpose. The first course that I will be launching in 2021 will be called Pain, Passion, and Purpose which will focus on leading women, and/or educators, through the process of identifying their pain points and the steps they can take towards healing, from healing to discovering their passions, and then using their passions to find, or drive their purpose. Although that will be my first course, I will also be offering motivational speaking, educational consulting, and professional development.

Due to making it a point to be "intentional" in 2020, I have been able to discover a lot about myself and the direction that God has been leading me in. He has allowed me to make connections with great people and to begin entering into positions that will allow me to continue to foster my purpose. I am looking forward to 2021 and all that it will bring ( a season of #grace) . See you in 2021!

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